Baptist Medical Group Physicians

Baptist Memorial Group is home to some of the region's best doctors. The publiccommunity still overwhelmingly associates the Baptist name with the best doctors and highest quality health care. When you choose a BMG physician, you're choosing health care focused on you.

A Growing Team

BMG has more than 500 physicians representing more than 40 different specialty areas, and we continue to grow. Among the best in their fields, BMG physicians uphold the Baptist commitment to providing the best care through collaboration, communication and technology.

Patient Focused

The physicians that wear the BMG logo on their sleeves are leading the way to an integrated health care system that allows patients more convenience and physicians more opportunities. At BMG, physicians focus more on providing quality care to patients and less on the details of managing a health care practice.

A Range of Specialties

From cardiology and oncology to pediatrics and orthopaedics, BMG physicians are experienced in a range of specialty areas—more than 40, to be specific. Whether you need a highly specialized treatment or a simple, common procedure, you can rely on the experience of BMG doctors.

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