Baptist Cancer Center

Baptist Cancer Center

To strengthen and expand our high-quality care for cancer patients and their families in the Mid-South, Baptist has planned the region’s first integrated cancer center. The Baptist Cancer Center will provide multidisciplinary care in an academic setting.

Under the leadership of Dr. Joseph Simone, the former CEO of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and former physician-in-chief at Memorial Sloan-Kettering in New York, Baptist has invested $200 million to make the Center a reality.

More than 30 established medical oncologists and four full-time radiation oncologists joined the team at the new Baptist Cancer Center, which will feature clinical and research space, and which also includes a partnership with a National Cancer Institute–designated center for cancer care. Disease-specific programs in this innovative setting reflect the Baptist Medical Group (BMG) commitment to multidisciplinary care and include an enhanced breast cancer program.

Comprehensive Breast Center

The Baptist Comprehensive Breast Center (CBC) has an established patient volume—more than 50,000 diagnostic mammograms annually, 1,500 breast biopsies by five dedicated breast radiologists, and 1,000 breast surgeries.

The new Baptist Cancer Center will expand existing CBC services to include a multidisciplinary clinic for diagnosis and treatment. Breast surgeries will be performed at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women and East Memphis Surgery Center.

Our newly recruited physicians, including two board-certified breast surgeons, have established track records. They join our current breast surgeon, breast radiation oncologist, and breast cancer medical oncologist. This team will lead a group of medical oncologists focusing on breast oncology, as well as a dedicated breast plastic surgeon.

An Elite Network of Physicians

The Baptist Cancer Center physicians will be part of BMG, a multispecialty group that represents the finest group of physicians in the Mid-South across every discipline. BMG comprises more than 300 physicians.

The Baptist Cancer Center has a prolific clinical and translational program, and is a site for the National Cancer Genome Project (ATLAS). In addition to participating in a variety of industry research trials, our members are involved in multiple funded clinical and translational IITs. The clinical trials’ core is designed to support disease-specific programs and will be an integral part of the Breast Oncology Program.

The Baptist Cancer Center is launching a Hematology Oncology Fellowship program in July 2013. Joint clinical and research meetings, joint research projects, and faculty appointments at the partner NCI CCC may be available for the suitable candidate.