Internal Medicine

BMG Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is the medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of health problems in the internal organs. While this specialty does involve treating diseases and conditions impacting inner organs, it does not involve treatment through surgery.

What Do BMG Internal Medicine Doctors Do?

Baptist Medical Group internal medicine physicians provide care for adult patients by managing acute and chronic conditions and emphasizing preventive care. All BMG internal medicine doctors are trained and kept up-to-date about various newly developed procedures and technical skills to effectively diagnose, manage and treat disease.

BMG internal medicine physicians are equipped to handle a variety of problems patients may bring. From common, simple health problems to more complex, rare conditions, the internal medicine doctors of BMG are ready to help patients get better. How? These doctors are specially trained to solve complicated diagnostic issues as well as provide treatment plans for severe chronic illnesses and complicated situations.

Another big portion of the focus of BMG internal medicine physicians is wellness through disease prevention and the promotion of health. Internal medicine doctors are dedicated to not only helping patients get better, but helping them stay better.

Types of Conditions Treated

When a patient sees a BMG physician who specializes in internal

medicine, they may be dealing with one of the following health problems:

  • Mental health
  • Reproductive health
  • Women's health
  • Substance abuse
  • Eyes, ears, skin & nervous system health
  • And more



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