Baptist Medical Group General Surgery

Surgery can be scary. For many of us, the thought of an invasive procedure may fill us with anxiety, dread and even fear. With the general surgeons of Baptist Medical Group by your side, however, you don't need to be scared.

Baptist Medical Group physicians focus on properly diagnosing and treating patients so they can get better. If getting better requires surgery, the Baptist Medical Group general surgeons are experienced, knowledgeable and ready do what they can to help you do just that – get better.

What Do Baptist Medical Group General Surgeons Do?

The general surgeons of Baptist Medical Group provide comprehensive care for their surgical patients. They are experienced performing a variety of general surgeries involving the endocrine system, gastrointestinal tract, colon, liver, pancreas and rectum.

Some minor surgeries can be performed in a doctor's office and therefore do not require a hospital stay. Whenever possible, Baptist Medical Group general surgeons will choose less invasive methods before resorting to an invasive surgical procedure that may require a hospital stay.

Types of Conditions Treated

When a patient sees a Baptist Medical Group physician who specializes in general surgery, they may be dealing with one of the following health problems:

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