Baptist Medical Group Wound Care

Our bodies have the ability to heal wounds. Sometimes, however, wounds don't heal on their own. Chronic wounds are injuries or sores that don't heal within two to three months and therefore require specialized care from wound care physicians. These types of wounds are often associated with other health problems, such as diabetes or vascular disorders, but they can also occur as pressure sores or from traumatic incidences.

Wound care is the medical specialty focused on the proper treatment of a wound to ensure it heals correctly. The wound healing our bodies naturally do is an intricate process, and sometimes, it needs the expertise of a trained wound care physician.

What Do Baptist Medical Group Wound Care Physicians Do?

The wound care physicians of Baptist Medical Group use the most up-to-date approaches to wound care to help patients get better. Since chronic and complex healing wounds often require advanced therapy and special care to heal, Baptist Medical Group wound care physicians have the experience and knowledge needed.

These specialists provide a variety of treatment options depending on the patient and his or her wound. Treatments may include skin grafts, compression, applying growth factors and other therapies.

Types of Conditions Treated

When a patient sees a Baptist Medical Group physician who specializes in wound care, they may be dealing with one or more of the following health problems:

Baptist Medical Group Wound Care

Baptist Medical Group is proud to have physicians specializing in the field of wound care. Select a Baptist location below to learn more:

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