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A cancer diagnosis is life-changing. It shakes up your whole world. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, they're forced to deal with tests, treatments, symptoms and outcomes they're unfamiliar with. The physicians at Baptist Medical Group understand this, which is why we put comfort at the forefront. At BMG, we strive to keep patients surrounded by what's familiar.

When you choose BMG oncology, you don't have to travel far away from what's familiar to you—your friends, family and the comforts of your home—to get the quality cancer care you deserve. With numerous BMG oncologists at locations throughout the Mid-South, you can fight this battle close to home.

What Do BMG Oncologists Do?

The BMG cancer team offers comprehensive cancer care from diagnosis and treatment to follow-up care. Through the partnership of three premier medical oncology groups, Boston Baskin Cancer Group, Family Cancer Center and Integrity Oncology, BMG oncologists bring an array of cancer-based services. Their expertise and subspecialty areas include:

  • Bone marrow transplant (BMT)
  • Central nervous system radiation
  • Gynecological radiation therapy
  • Radiation oncology therapy

BMG oncologists provide cancer care at more than a dozen locations in the tri-state area. Locations include Memphis, Bartlett, Germantown, Oxford, Somerville, Union City, and many more.

Family Practice

Family Practice

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Obstetrics & Gynecology

Obstetrics & Gynecology

We deliver high-quality care for women of all ages. Click here for a roster of specific services.

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